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Vice-president of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Gurali Mejdani (Albania)

Personal information

Full name:  Gurali Hajdin Mejdani

Birth date: 05.06.1945.

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Address:   RR. Irfan Tomini SH.2 AP.14 P 9.


Education - Secondary

Languages ​​Know – Roma and Albanian languages

1960 - Begins work as a laborer, mechanic, and, from what age child continues uninterrupted for 37 years there, practicing musician in parallel with the work in the state.

1962 - .... - Participates regularly in groups dilettantes and local and national folk festivals.

1975 - After an intervention in state bodies of the time, known as Roma activist, was built the way "Siri Kodra” and installed the toilet and electricity in that way. Since then gained much popularity among the Roma.

1990 - Support democratic processes and establishes a nationwide organization of Albanian Roma.

1991 - 1995 - The President of the only Roma organization - "Amaro dives"

1993 - Initiates creating football Roma team and raising their artistic group

1994 - Under his direction becomes possible to appear for the first time in the history of Albanian Roma, their newspapers, "Amaro dives," which later went on to appear in magazine form.

1995 to date - continues to be President of the Social Cultural Association "Amaro dives"

1996 - Organizes the opening of the first school of Roma in Fier, Albania.

2000 - Takes part in the 5th Congress of Roma of the world. Elected Member of the World Parliament of Roma (IRU). Regularly  participates in all its activities and was elected up of that time, to represent Albanian Roma in World  Roma congresses. In all congresses and international Roma’s meetings, he  continuously raises problems of Roma and raises voice of Albanian Roma

2004 - Takes part in the 6th Congress of Roma of the world. Elected Member of Parliament.

2008 - Takes part in the 7th Congress of Roma of the world. Elected Member of Parliament.

2012 - Participates in the First Congress of Roma of the World "Romanipen" where is elected Vice President.

Through association "Amaro dives" conducted a series of projects by cooperating with international and state’s institutions- the last one – “Roma  populations against AIDAS” Under it’s governing organization, was able to save the party influences and temptations while maintaining its social and cultural nature.

Is interviewed sustained local and international media and defended with all his forces to Roma Rights.
With a representative of the Albanian Roma IRU and Diaspora participated in the activity for the issues of Roma in France, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Croatia, etc.

Have e good reputation in state bodies and representatives of Albanian parties as well, unquestionably, among the Roma community throughout the country.