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Vice-president of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Salih Şentürk (Turkey)

Personal information

Full name:  Salih Şentürk

Birth date:  14.01.1966.

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Postal Address:  Kuştepe Mahallesi Sümbül Sok No: 1/A Kuştepe-Şişli/ Istanbul




  • 2012  Coordinator of Kuştepe Children’s Center. Established Kuştepe Children’s Center in collaboration with Şişli District Governorship, under the title ‘’ From the Street to the School’’;
    In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, initiates medical screening and health check-ups for the Roma community in Kuştepe neighborhood;
    Participated in the World Roma Organization in Serbia and was elected as the representative of Turkey;
    Chairperson of Istanbul Roma Florists Association.
  • 2011  Participated and also delivered a speech in the workshop, ‘The Employment of Roma’ organized by EU and relevant ministries at Point Hotel, Istanbul;
    Organized the Hıdırellez Fest at Istanbul Kemerburgaz, in which 1000 Roma from Kuştepe attended.
  • 2010  Attended the Roma Meeting, organized by the state and convened by PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, mobilizing 500 Roma from Kuştepe;
    Participated in the broadcast on Roma in Show –TV  and delivered a speech about the negative effects of urban renewal on Roma;
    On behalf of Istanbul Roma Florists Association, filed a case against Engin Ardıç, the journalist of Sabah paper, for his discriminatory article, on July 22nd,2010.
  • 2009  Participated in the Roma Workshop organized by the Ministry of State at Condrad Hotel;
    Contributed to the Workshop Report with an article on the issues encountered by Kuştepe Roma neighbourhood inhabitants.
  • 2008 – 2007  Provided clothing for about 1000 Roma children from  Istanbul Venice Clothing Shop;
    Provided stationary and books for school children.
  • 2006  Provided fuel for about 360 families in dire economic conditions;
    Participated in the International Roma Symposium and delivered a speech on behalf of the Association.
  • 2005  Organized a ‘’School Uniform Campaign’’ for those Roma children not able to get uniforms;
    As result of the campaign, uniforms were provided for about 1000 children.
  • 2004  In collaboration with Şişli Municipality, initiated a sustainable Food Aid Project for 369 Roma families in Kuştepe
  • 2003  Communicated the problems of Roma florists to relevant municipalities consequently enabling Roma to open up their flower stands on adequate pavements and to work freely without any pressure from authorities..
  • 2002  Organized a touristic tour to Edirne for 750 Roma from Kuştepe Roma neighbourhood,
  • 2001  Kuştepe Roma Flowersport Football Team became the first in the Cenk Koray Football Tournament.
  • 2000  Established ‘’Flowersport Football Team’’ under Istanbul Roma Florists Association.
  • 1999  After the 1999 Istanbul earthquake, mobilized Roma and collected aid donations for earthquake victims.
  • 1998  Established Istanbul Roma Florists Association.