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Gabriela Selam Pató (Hungary)

Personal information

Full name:   Gabriella Selam Pató

Birth date:  10.06.1975.

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Since 1993 works as a journalist of magazine “Živdo Suno” (Delibab)  – literary magazine whose she is editor. After establishing of the Roma magazine “Kethano drrom” (Közös Út) she works as a journalist, and soon she was appointed for the editor of that magazine. She was also writing for the magazine “Romano zhurnalo”, as well as in many other journalistic magazines.

Recently, three collections of her poems were published: “Prayer wishes” (Vágyak imái, 1998), “Life goes on” (Kiált a lét, 1999.), “My bloody hopes are colored with Roma flowers” (Emlékeim vérszín pipacsok, 2000.).

In 2001, she was a founder of her own magazine “New meetings” (Újjászületés), whose she is editor.

In 2004, she established with friends association of non-Roma artistic unity, whose she is president. She is editor of magazine Gloria. For a short time, she was editor of magazine Krystal, and between 2006 and 2010 she was editor of the “Urali fantazija” (Szárnyaló Képzelet) – artistic magazine. Since 2012 she is editor in chief of magazine “Somnura”.

Until now, she is author of 30 anthologies and 200 reviews. Her texts and poems were published for years out of her country and in numerous foreign magazines. She was writing about Roma, about religion of philosophy, she is author of numerous mysterious novels, criminal stories, fictions for children and adults. In 2012 she published a book “Inter-medial life and renaissance – darma and karma” (Köztes létek és újraszületések – avagy dharma és karma). She is translating literary works of writers from other countries.

In the “Book of minorities”, her work on cultural plan (as a poet, translator, journalist and editor) was supported from side of the Hungarian prime-minister. Due to that fact, she is having a lot of published literary works and she is appreciated in many important literary circles.

She is a member of association of journalists in Hungary (Magyar Újságírók Országos Szövetsége Cigány Szakosztálya).

She is visiting countries, cultural institutions, schools, giving interviews for televisions and radio-stations, she is tutoring children about national religion and culture.

She is lecturer of Psalma Humanus artistic pedagogy; lecturer of Roma culture and literature. She works on the cultural programs and preparations of conferences. She works together with Slovakian Roma on the field of Holocaust.

She completed artistic school; she is painter; she makes illustrations for books; she had exibitions in many towns and many other countries, independent and joint. She gives great attention to initiatives that are strengthening the Roma identity, and she believes that culture can establish a bridge amongst the nations.