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Vice-president of the Parliament of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Dorina Azemi (Albania)

Personal information

Full name:    Dorina Azemi

Birth date:   16.04.1988.

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  • Education


Following the second year in university for psychology.

Certificate of "Management of non-profit organizations and community development" from " United Nations " Albania which colaborate with "One UN Joint Programme "Empowering Local Communities in Albania" , implemented by UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, UNHCR and UNV in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunitie, and "International Association for Solidarity.

Certificate "Strategic Planning and Process Management" funded by UNDP and the National Center for Community Services.

Certificate "Moderator for Health and Family Planning" supported by "Assistance to communities in Albania"


  • Knowledge of language:

Albanian, Roma, English, Italian, Spanish


  • Working experience:


2010-2011 Agents to the insurance company  " Sigal Unique Group of Austria"

2011- 6 Months Coordinator at Environmental Center for Protection; Education and Rehabilitation - EPER Center

2011-today psychologists for children at "Roma woman of tomorrow" organization

2012-today Vice-President of "Roma woman of tomorrow" organization

2012-today Police Office and Manager at "Gipsy Music" organization


  • Activity: 


Collaboration with the organization for human rights to fight stereotypes and stigmatization. Awareness of the community especially young people for development and integration, cultural and artistic activities some of them supported by the Ministry of Tourism Culture Youth and Sports. One of the most recent activities was the "First Congress of Roma Women" organized by "Roma woman of tomorrow, in collaboration with "Roma Active Albania ".


  • Ideas and activity:


All different minorities in Albania who have non-profit organizations, are working in collaboration with the organization of human rights to create a network where the network will convey the voice of all communities starting from the many problems facing every day . The aim is to have a Albania as European , with equal rights. Also personally I am activated in political academy which is provided by "Soros" Foundation. My intention is to integrate the Roma community development.