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1.Sandra L. Greene  (United States of America)

2. Milka Djukic (Serbia)



Members of Commissariat:

  1. Lucie Fremlova (United States of America)
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Commissioner for human rights and freedoms


Dr Milka Djukic

Personal data

Year and place of birth: 22.12.1983, Novi Sad, from mother Svetlana and father Milorad, was born as the first of three children. She has a sister Milica and brother Dusan.

Place of residence: Novi Sad-Belgrade


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Education and academic career

- Associate Professor (2013) Faculty of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Applied Management, ekononomiju -Beograd and Finance, University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Faculty of Sport University Union Nikola Tesla Beograd
• Assistant Professor (2010), Faculty of Management in Sport, Faculty of Trade and Banking, Alfa BK University in Belgrade

• Lecturer (2009-2011) College of Professional Studies in Management and Communications, Sremski Karlovci
• Assistant (2008-2010) Faculty of Economics and Management and the Faculty of Law of Economy and Justice University Business Academy, Novi Sad, Faculty of Management in Sport, Alfa BK University, Belgrade

• Demonstrator (2004-2005) Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Novi Sad.

DOCTORATE: Faculty of Management in Sport, BK Alfa University, Belgrade (2010) .With the theme: Development Management of sporting event Universiade in the period 1959-2009

• Mentor: Prof. Edita Kastratović, the committee members: Prof. Milan Mihajlović, PhD Darko Marinkovic)

submitted doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad (2015), with the theme: Research and implementation of projects GBEP supported by funds of the European Union and the United Nations in the Republic of Serbia using organic production

• Mentor: Prof. Rado Maksimovic

• Reported doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, at the stage of preliminary project. Mentor: Prof. Branko Rakic

MSc: Interdisciplinary Studies (ACIMSI), University of Novi Sad.

• Mentor: Prof. Dr. Dragan Kokovic (2008)

Faculty: Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Faculty of Management Novi Sad (2005), Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Banja Luka in the class of Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jevtovic (2001-2003).

Secondary schools: Gymnasium "Svetozar Markovic" Novi Sad, Sixth Belgrade High School, Belgrade

Elementary Schools: Elementary school "Jovan Popovic", Novi Sad

Professional experience

• 2013 - The University Business Academy in Novi Sad, associate professor, FIMEK and MEF.

• 2010-2013 Alfa BK University, FTB, Faculty of Management in Sport 2010-2013
2008-2010 • The first professional job, assistant- University Business Academy Novi Sad, Faculty of Management in Sport, Alfa BK University of Belgrade

• Internship APV-2005 as a graduate student at the University of Novi Sad

Projects and membership in organizations

• Member of the Serbian Royal Academy of scientists and artists (SANU), President (from 28th June 2015 to 2nd February of 2017), the general representative of the (June 28, 2015. to present)
• Member of Bulgaria Academy of scientists and artists (BANI)

• Member of the German Academy of Sciences

• The President of the regional network and the Center for Gender equality associations Tereskova
• Member and Chair of the Expert Council for the publishing activity of the Institute for Gender Equality APV

• General Agent of LLC Creative energy

• Member of the Commission Women and Sport- Olympic Committee of Serbia
Member of several projects and eco associations in Serbia and Italy

• Member of several international project teams in the field of agriculture and entrepreneurship as a counselor and reviewer

• General counsel, member and one of the founders CKCV, Cluster sport centers in Vojvodina (creator, intellectual property, project Sports Fair 2016 in Novi Sad and one of the organizers of the first private events of the Fair of Sport in 2016 within LORIST 2016 Novi Sad Fair.)
• Attended various international programs and projects of the EU and the UN
• The editor of Sports Management (2010-2013)

• Moderator First International Conference Women and Sport, MOS and ENGSO's (2010)
• Intellectual property for Institute for Development, Research and Quality in Sport (IRIKS) , the founder and creator

• The manager and creator of the project Academy of Music Performance Alfa BK which was submitted for accreditation in 2012 as an idea that combines Balkan music with Roma, international artists in the Balkans , With the aim to accredit the idea in the near future for establishment of Balkan Music Academy, which fosters the Roma culture.
• Editor of Sport and Business (2013-2015)

• A member of the editorial board ''Grove up'', the first scientific journal in the field of women's sports, categorization of Matica srpska

• A member of the society ''Gusle''


Author of four books on literature: "One childhood in crystal dimension of reality" (2000, Prometheus), " View of the soul" (2003, Prometheus), "Watercolor of a Youth" (2005, Prometheus), "
Where did the Knights disappeared ?" (2016 , Prometheus).

Dramatic text codenamed "Olympic magic" prepress and preparing the setting for theatrical performance.
Author of the first monograph on women sport in the Republic of Serbia, titled "Women and Sport", Novi Sad, Prometheus 2016.

She was Handball player from 1990 until 2006 when, due to a traffic accident left the junior representative career.

She won a gold medal at 19 years in the World Championships in France (2001).
She played in HC Vojvodina, HC Jugoinspekt, HC Novi Sad, Vojvodina HC, HC-Mladost Borac Banja Luka, HC Vojvodina, Backa Palanka HC. She signed a contract with Greek team and two days before going to Athens suffered a serious car accident (she was in a coma for five months on a Breathing apparatus, six weeks with metals in the head with the Philadelphia Spinoza and plaster Minerva immovable five months was watching in one point, two years spent in the fight and was able after two years to walk and ran) or due to severe spinal injuries and ended handball career .

Director of University women's handball club Vojvodina (2010-2016) and a member parlament of HC Radnicki from Belgrade (2011-2012) .

Membre of camp and theproject "Lets growth" (1995-2017) founder of the Creative Team literary performance and performer (2003-2017) radio part-time on Channel 9, radio 5, radio-television of Vojvodina sports editorial, independent TV - BIH sports department, she was culture editor of the newspaper "Helper" which was intended for young people and which was published on of the territory of Novi Sad (1998-2009) .

Participated several times as a competitor in the half marathon. (2011- 2016) .

From sports skills have basic training riding, briefly dealt with equestrian sports and loves horses and equestrian sport.

Have completed basic training in skiing. (1995)

Recreational is swimming, playing tennis and tango. (2009-2016)

Have completed basic training in archery, briefly dealt with recreational target shooting.
He has recorded the solo CD "Morning".

She plays the clarinet and acoustic guitar. He speaks several languages. She swam to the Holy Cross on Epiphany.

In Army House in Serbia Belgrade held a two-day (13 to 14 October 2015) international conference "Gender equality in the defense-achievements and Prospects" organized by the Institute for Strategic research -Ministartsva Army of Serbia and UNDP / SEESAC organizations, with the aim of exchanging experiences in the field gender straight flatness with foreign countries, but also to combine the experience of local civil and military sector.

Lecturer at this meeting was the prof. Dr. Milka Djukic, whose theme is: Innovation and realization of gender equality strategies at EU and UN models and application in the Republic of Serbia through the education system and sporta.

Recited his poems in several Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish temples.
She was one of the organizers of St. Vitus - 2015 Poplar St. Vitus -Vekovnik where he talked passage from life Milunke Savić and Vidovdan 2016 in the hall of City Hall in Novi Sad, as well as two manifestations of the Kosovo peony Friends of the Republic of Serbia and cultural performance dedicated to the victims of the Zetskog war Jews, Serbs and Roma in the Synagogue in Novi Sad in October, 2013, as part of the international eco-cultural konferncije organized by eko movement in Novi Sad, with the support of Eco alliance of Serbia, eko alliance of Italy, FAO UN Budapest, musical youth of Novi Sad and Jewish Community of Novi Sad. The performance was carried out in four languages with the participation of artists Serbian, Jewish and Roma ethnicity.

She worked on cultural program where she was performing with several music and drama artists, with Tango dance school 'Tango Magic' ', dancers Kristina and Dusan Plavsic, pianist Julija Bal, Bojana Popovic, Tijana Sekulic, an actress Joana Knezevic,

a musical quartet '' Cinderella '' and artist Sarala Antonio Tkalec known Roma painter Dr Zoran Tairović, on the theme: '' Love and freedom '', in the Giardini, June 2013.