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Member of Parliament of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Ibrahim Gusani (Croatia)

Personal information

Full name:  Ibrahim Gusani

Birth date: 08.12.1970.

Address: Vinogradska cesta 43 35000 Slavonski Brod Hrvatska

Phone: 092/284 7353
Email: ibrahim.gusani @ gmail.com
Married with Siljvana Gusani
Father of eight children


Education: SSS
Schools: Elementary School was completed in 1984, but Kelmendi in Vucitrn-Kosovo
Central finished in place Belluno - Italy
Completed courses for traders in Osijek in 1990 -1991.g.
Knowledge of working on PC
Languages: English, German, Italian, Albanian

Currently unemployed

I worked in the SEC Đurđenovac, Papuk-Našice
Center Nasice
Performed independent commercial activity.


Since 2005. G.President  of the National Association of Roma "Europe" Slavonian Brod, and through the association is quite resolved the issue and the issue of improving the lives of the Roma population.
Through the association we were able to solve the problem of Roma in the Vukojevci Nasice, where he built a walkway that could facilitate the children walk from home to school because there is a risk due to the large and rapid transport of passenger and commercial vehicles motornig.

He moved in mid June 2010 in Slavonski Brod, and I saw my need and involvement in helping the Roma community, because they are Roma associations were scattered due to the large number of Roma organizations, on my initiative, we managed to 06.04.2011.g. established network of Roma NGOs Croatian Slavonian Brod where I was appointed President and MRUHSB very great result was achieved with the joining of associations in MRUHSB.

Where the network currently counts 14 - member associations to work together and improve the performance of organizations and also ensure the quality of life and the Roma community.
In the elections for national minority councils 10.07.2011.g. We won over MRUHSB at the constituent session 31.08.2011.g. I was elected president of the County Council of Roma National Minority Brod Posavina County.

I am President of the Supervisory Board of the International Roma Organization-European Union headquarters Murska Sobota

I selected a subgroup of the Working Group for Social Welfare to create a new national programs and strategies to 2020. Mr. in Rome.

30 April 2012 I was elected President of the National Coordination of county councils of the Croatian minority.