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Member of Parliament of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Muradif Biberovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Personal information

Full name:  Muradif Biberovic

Birth date: 08.12.1952

Address: Stara Pruga 99, 75270 Zivinice

Father of six children.

Completed primary school in Djurdjevik - Zivinice.

Surpassingly completed high textile school in Celje Slovenia.

Completed course of welder of agricultural machines in Celje where I also worked as a welder, and two years as a textile worker.

Worked in Tuzla for 8 years as a taxi driver since 1989.


  • Since 2001 worked in the Association of Roma "Rom" Zivinice until 2008. In that period, with support of donors, I inscribed to the Primary school 246 Roma children, constructed six family houses with support of the ministry for human rights and refugees of FBIH, brought water for 250 house-holds with support of UNICEF. Introduced canalization for 120 house-holds, shared 2400 food packets; in cooperation with donors and Zivinice's municipality's chief I worked on bringing of electricity for 750 Roma and non-Roma families, with USAID's support managed to realize asphalting of roads through the Roma settlement, street-lightning, phones, etc.
  • Since 2008 I established association with name "U.R. Romano Drom" (Roma road) Zivinice and I was elected for the leader of Resource's center of TK. I am managing this Resource's center already for four years, and I was elected from side of leaders of 16 Roma associations. Leader is elected annually. Resource's center is funded from side of OSF in BiH.

Member of SVNM FBIH within the Parliament and FBIH since 2009.

  • As a leader of Resource's center, I visited all Roma communities, assessed situation on the field, made approx. 25.000 photos, recorded  two documentary movies about Life of Roma from the area of TK (amateur movie), high school from Zivinice have won with my photos 1st place on the federal competition of high schools in FBIH.
  • Our association "Romano drom" Zivinice currently works on the HIV/AIDS project that is implemented by World Vision in cooperation with UNDP, and support with the global fund from Geneva. We have in Association 8 youths as a field workers from 5 municipalities of TK.
  • Very respected and prominent person on all levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the municipality to BIH's government, BiH's Council of ministers.
  • Participated as an expert in creation of action plans for the solving of Roma issues in BIH.
  • Work on inscription of Roma children in MKR between 2008 and now and further as a mediator.
  • I communicate on many languages but speak better on Roma, Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Slovenian, poor German, Turkish and Bulgarian language.