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Parliament of “World Roma Organization Rromanipen” is consisted of representatives of 25 countries present on the Electoral Congress:

  1. Meleqe Renja (Albania)
  2. Zera Abduramanoski (Australia)
  3. Rabie Peric Jasar (Austria)
  4. Aleko Asenov (Belgium)
  5. Muradif Biberovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  6. Ana Popovic (Montenegro)
  7. Emilia Horackova (Czech Republic)
  8. Raif Maljoku (France)
  9. Ibrahim Gusani (Croatia)
  10. Dr Shyam Singh Shashi (India)
  11. Angelica Mashtakova (Italy)
  12. Israel: will be nominated afterwards
  13. Vyacheslav Ņefjodovs (Latvia)
  14. György Rostás – Farkas (Hungary)
  15. Macedonia: will be nominated afterwards
  16. Bățălan Costică-Ionel (Romani)
  17. Takhir Bobrov (Russian Federation)
  18. USA: will be nominated afterwards
  19. Etela Matová (Slovakia)
  20. Haris Tahirovic (Slovenia)
  21. Lida Kwiek (Sweden)
  22. Habryn Petro (Ukraine)
  23. Valdemar Kalinin (United Kingdom)
  24. Ivica Petrovic



  • Parliament is a body of World Roma Organization Rromanipen.
  • Each country member of World Roma Organization Rromanipen has one representative (and one deputy) in the Parliament.
  • Members of Parliament elects presiding and his deputy on the initiative session of Parliament.
  • Members of Presidium, treasurer, president, vice-presidents and general secretary also should be present on the Parliamentary sessions.
  • Parliament may elect and discharge president of World Roma Organization Rromanipen.
  • Parliament meets at least twice annually, on spring and autumn sessions.
  • Parliament deals with reports about position of Roma population in individual countries on its sessions. On its autumn session Parliament will discuss and authorize budget for the next calendar year.
  • Parliament is responsible for its work to the Congress as a highest body.