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General secretary of World Roma Organization Rromanipen

Bajram Haliti (SERBIA)




Date of birth:         21.05.1955.  
Address:                Atanasija Pulje 10, 11080 Zemun, Serbia
E-mail:                   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


BAJRAM HALITI was born in 1955 in Gnjilane, in Kosovo. He is one of the most respected Roma experts in Europe and world. He entered journalism in 1985 while passing all levels of journalistic development starting from the practitioner until the editor in chief of Roma program. He expressed himself with great success both in written and oral journalistic genres, but also in the publicism.

On 16th international literary manifestation “Amico Rom”, which is being held annually in Italian town Lanciano, Bajram Haliti was a laureate of World literary award  from the president of Italy. 600 works of Roma literates from entire world were sent to the concurs for this awards, and they were assessed by 14 most eminent reviewers.

On 56th International book fair that was held in 2011 in Belgrade, “Serbian-Roma dictionary” by author Bajram Haliti gained award for the publishing enterprise of year 2011.
On 13th Saloon of book and graphic in Pirot, Publishing house “Prometej” from Novi Sad acquired award “Loza” for the best individual edition that affirms book in narrow and wider sense for the “Serbian-Roma dictionary with grammar and orthographic advisor” of Bajram Haliti.

In addition, “Serbian-Roma dictionary” is a gainer of Tereza Fon Jacob award, and World Diaspora and Minorities Organization (WDMO) proclaimed this capital work as a book of year 2011.

He published poems and texts in numerous magazines, and he is represented in anthology of Roma poetry on Indian, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian and English language. On 8th April 2002, in regard of the International Roma Day, Haliti acquired charte “Slobodan Berberski” for literature and journalism, which was assigned for the first time that year in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He is a gainer of plaque of “Peace and tolerance” for contribution in fight for peace, tolerance and understanding amongst people and nations; plaque “for special merits and contribution to improvement of cultural and educational life of Roma, as well for successes in development of Roma culture in Republic of Serbia”.

Bajram Haliti, jurist, publicist and journalist was elected for the general secretary of International Roma Union on 7th World Roma Congress that was held in Zagreb between 23rd and 25th October 2008. 300 delegates from 29 countries participators on the Congress were present on it. It should be highlighted that Roma representatives on that Congress represented 15 million Roma. He is married and he has three sons.



General secretary is an executive body of World Roma Organization Rromanipen.

Residence of general secretary is in country whose citizen he is and in the headquarters of OUN in New York. In addition, general secretary will use rooms of the Office for democratic institutions and human rights in Warszawa and Office of OUN in Geneva, and especially information that are related to all aspects of issues of Roma nation that are available to the Office for democratic institutions and human rights.

Secretariat is an assisting body of Presidium, Parliament, Congress and other experts’ boards and assisting bodies.

Secretariat of World Roma Organization Rromanipen is composed of general secretary and experts elected from side of general secretary.
Office of president of World Roma Organization Rromanipen is a part of Secretariat.

General secretary of World Roma Organization Rromanipen manages with work of Secretariat.
General secretary coordinates with cooperation between the bodies of World Roma Organization Rromanipen, Parliament, Presidium and Court of honor.



Function of general secretary is to speak and act as a leader and mediator. General secretary discusses about global topics and problems on behalf of Organization and uses his position so that he can intermediate in conflicts.

General secretary of World Roma Organization Rromanipen nominates his advisors, and he can have two or more advisors.

General secretary of World Roma Organization Rromanipen:

•    Participates in UN’s peacekeeping missions and other international organizations;
•    Intermediates between the World Roma Organization Rromanipen and all international bodies and organziations;
•    Intermediates between the World Roma Organization Rromanipen and bodies of states members and countries that are interested for broadening;
•    Visits each country participator and personally communicates with proximately included sides for sake of acquiring information from the first hand about situation in view of Roma nation;
•    During the visit to country member, he can improve dialogue, trust and cooperation between proximately included sides while he is getting information from the first hand;
•    He will condemn all efforts to through threats or use of force relocate persons for sake of change of ethnical composition in areas on their territories;
•     He nominates and places special delegates for specific regions with special tasks.