President Damjanovic insisted on help and support of the country in organizing the World Roma Congress and marking of 1000 Years of Exodus of Roma from India, in Belgrade this year, stating that the mentioned events would be of great importance both for the Roma population and for further affirmation of Serbia in Europe and worldwide, as a country respecting the rights of minorities and exercising them.

Damjanovic also presented the initiative to raise the Peace Monument as an eternal seal and guarantor of an inclusive society that affirms democracy, protection of human rights, education and development of civil society, raising the general culture to a higher level, while fostering tolerance between multinational, multilingual and multicultural communities and individuals.

Secretary General Prof. Dr. Bajram Haliti stressed the importance of state, national and local level compliance with the co-ordination body with Roma intellectuals, concerning the adoption of strategic plans that will directly affect the integration of the Roma community, both locally and nationally. This would give the Roma community its contribution in solving the issues of financing, planning, employment, which would further address issues of social character and housing.

Also, Haliti expressed gratitude to President Vucic for his tireless work on establishing peace and stability, as well as in adopting equal rights for all, regardless of religious, national or ethnic affiliation.

Expression of gratitude was also addressed to Minister Dr. Zorana Mihajlovic, who takes great care, leading the co-ordination body, of the validity of the implementation of Chapters 19 and 23 in order to achieve longlasting results in the field of social and economic inclusion of the Roma.

In the end, the Secretary General stressed the importance of unbreakable coordination between the central government, local self-government and non-governmental organizations.


Minister's Assistant Nina Mitic agreed that there can be no progress without joint cooperation. She emphasized the readiness of the Sector for Anti-Discrimination Policy and Gender Equality Enhancement to improve the situation of Roma men and women, advocating for even greater education of Roma women, their employment and economic independence, which would even their role in society with everyone who help its development and progress, giving them full equality.

Mitic also proposed a joint visit to Roma and non-Roma men and women prisoners in order to provide legal assistance to those who are unable to afford it, and are in need of it. Minister's Assistant expressed great interest in the World Roma Congress and 1000 Years of Exodus of Roma from India. Both sides expressed hope and readiness to achieve the realization of these events.

The meeting was also attended by:

- Dragan Knezevic, Ministerial Adviser for the Sector for Anti-Discrimination Policy;

- Milos Ackovic, Ministerial Adviser for the Sector for Anti-Discrimination Policy and

Gender Equality Enhancement;

- Marija Jelic, Assistant in World Roma Organization.

Belgrade, July 6th, 2018

Author of text:

Marija Jelic, Assistant in WRO