A very ceremonial moment was when the mayor of the city of Gorzow Wielkopolski, Jacek Vojcicki, handed over the appointment of the honorary citizen of Gorzow Wielkopolski to the President of World Roma Organization and the Ambassador of Peace, Jovan Damjanovic, for his great contribution to the affirmation of the festival, and his tireless commitment to bring the best of Roma culture from Serbia and worldwide to this great, traditional festival.

"I am very honored by this appointment, and I believe it is a success of all the Roma who are tirelessly working on the affirmation and implementation of human rights guaranteed to them by all Conventions, which are highly respected in the state of Poland. This should be the model for all countries in Europe. I wish many more anniversaries to the festival, as well as its founder and president, Edward Debicki, and may it continue being the largest and the most magnificent festival of Roma culture in Europe and worldwide. "- said President Damjanovic.

The ceremony was followed by awarding the golden plaque of the World Roma Organization to the president and founder of the "Romane Dyvesa" festival, Edward Debicki, the silver plaque to the Golden Trumpet Orchestra "Dejan Ilic", and the award of merit to the co-ordinator of the festival, Eva Debicki.


More on this will follow.




June 11th, 2018

Secretariat for information