On Mrs. Sotirovski's initiative, a meeting was held attended by President Damjanovic, Mayor of Niš Darko Bulatovic, Director of JKP ''Mediana'' Dragoslav Pavlovic and Councilor Tijana Djordjevic Ilic.

The establishment of action body for installing the means of cooperation between the Roma from Niš and JKP ''Mediana'' was agreed upon, regarding the opening of Recycle Centre on the territory of the City of Niš, having that World Roma Organization has secured EU donation in complete mechanization for classifying, transportation and processing the packaging waste. Likewise, the idea for establishing and regular holding of Romani Festival in memory of Saban Bajramovic was supported.

Also, President Damjanovic attended the celebration of World Roma Day held in Niš Culture Centre, April 10th, organized by ''Happy Roma'' association from Niš. On that ocassion, President Damjanovic addressed everyone present reminding that the Roma have always been beside Serbian brother people, and that by its population, the Roma people is the second one living on the territory of Serbia. This was followed by receiving expression of gratitude for contribution to Roma affirmation.

World Roma Organization and ''Happy Roma'' association awarded the expression of gratitude to Chief of Nišava District Dragana Sotirovski.



Belgrade, April 12th, 2018

Secretariat for information