On the first day of the conference, in the presence of the leader of Banjara, a presentation on the origin of the Banjara peoples, their economic development, migration movement of Banjara, as well as on political, social and cultural integration in India was presented.

On this occasion, the President of the World Roma Organization and the Ambassador of Peace, Jovan Damjanovic, said that: '' Before my presentation, let me convey the greetings of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia to you, our friends, the Indian people, and the state of India''. Damjanovic also said that the presentation in a comprehensive manner represents the development of the community of Banjara in every respect and added that the purpose of our arrival is to strengthen our fraternity , and with joint forces to improve our community of Banjara and Roma, guaranteed rights in Idiai and all other continents. The president added that after 1000 years for the first time there was such a meeting between Roma and Banjar and emphasized that it is of historical significance.

What is important to note is that this conference was supported and attended by the most prominent peoples from Banjara comunity  and India, among which were Mr. Rudrappa Lamani, Minister of Textile, Umesh Jadhav MLA, Prakash Rathod Ek MLC, Balraj KTDC President, Private Secretary of Mr. Hiranaika Chief Minister, Gurunath and Bhojanaik, Bangalore BK Naik Mumbai, which shows the true and historic importance of holding this conference organized by AIBSS and NBPA.

The conference was requested to prove the historical ties between the two peoples in dispersal, to devise and adopt an action plan and strategy, so that through the legal framework we can deliver to all relevant and relevant institutions in India and outside India, a document that will be supported not only logistically, but also financially.

Among other things, it was suggested that during the next 2018, 1000 years of exodus of Roma from their birthplace of India be marked, and that the central manifestation will be held in Belgrade.

International Roma Cultural University in New Delhi, October 11, 2017. awarded the General Secretary of the World Roma Organization, Bajram Haliti a Honorary Ph.D. in Philosophy, who is in the rank of Oxford PhD. Also, the president of the organization and ambassador of peace, Jovan Damjanovic, has been appointed a honorary member of the Film Institute in New Delhi. During a several-day visit to India, a delegation composed of Bajram Haliti, Anka Dalipovski and Tijana Todorovic, led by President Jovan Damjanovic, visited the Research Center and the International Roma Cultural University and attended the International Week of Roma Culture, where they suggested that through an artistic event pictures mark 1000 years of Roma exodus and organizes an exhibition of the victims of the Roma in the Second World War.

It was emphasized that it is necessary to open the Roma University in Belgrade as soon as possible, and in order to have students exchange on both sides through certain programs, in order to introduce each other through history, anthropology and language.

Another very important area for connecting these two nations is through the economy, and on that occasion, a meeting and discussion was held with the representatives of the line ministries and leader Banjar in front of the Karnataka Thand development corporation in Bengalur.
On this occasion, it was concluded that there are many areas in which the Roma and Banjara will be able to cooperate in the future, thus strengthening their traditional and genetic links as well as economic ones. Such cooperation in the future would aim to eradicate poverty in order to join the education of these two nations in order to break the cycle of poverty, non-education and unemployment.

We take the opportunity to thank Dr. Syam Sing Shashi, Ph.D., who, with his prolonged presentation at the international scientific conference, confirmed that by science , the Roma and Banjara are one and the same people.

History has done its own thing, so that after the invasion of Rajasthan by the great Avaganistan Emperor, the largest number of Roma were found outside the territory of India, and a total genocide was committed against those who remained in the territory of India. He also gave the proposal and pointed out the way these two communities should develop today.

He emphasized the most important thing, that between these two communities should and must come to an economic, educational and every other form of empowerment.
Dr Shashi confirmed that the Anthropology and Ethnology as a science recognized the Roma for the Indian people, and added that it is now on the move is state of India.
As for the celebration of 1000 years of exodus from India, he suggested setting up an organization committee which would consist of historians, academics, politicians, sociologists, to discuss and deal with the fact that history never repeat again.

Prof. Dr. of Philosophy and Sociology Richa Singh organized a series of activities in a great cooperation with students: Talking with students about the history, origin, tradition, culture of the Roma, and she presented us magnificent Drama with the performance of her students about the suffering of Roma and their situation today in Europe. Great gratitude and respect to Dr Richa Singh for her work and dedication.

This visit of the Roma delegation opened a new page in the history of these two nations, which will continue to work on cultural, national, linguistic and educational integration, as well as political participation in the future and continuity.




Belgrade, October 16th, 2017