The whole world is talking about the tragedy of the Jewish people. Few who talks about the tragedy of Roma, few know that 3.5 million Roma have been killed in the Third Reich Camps.

Historians forget these three and a half million Roma who have disappeared in the smoke of crematorium or fractures raised by the Nazis. However, this is a fact - in most of the works that deal with the world of concentration camps.

The Roma are a people whose history was not gentle, according to which it was extremely cruel. Regardless of the fact that many extremely difficult conditions have been experienced, many continuous disenfranchisement, many humiliations, persecutions and pogroms, however, they have remained proud people.

It is necessary to understand that in today's time the ideology of racial hatred and violence exists in the minds of individuals and groups and that they are able to commit violence against Roma only because they are Roma. It is necessary to fight clearly and loudly against such neo-Nazi ideas and appearances today, here in Serbia, in Europe.

All of us who want to live in a society that is distinguished by human values, democracy and equality of all people, we have to stand against the ideology of violence.
We can not calmly and silently see the ideas of Nazism spread again and how their crimes are denied. Whoever forgets the history, he risks repeating it.

As Europeans, we have a common responsibility and to ensure that crimes from the past are recognized and that the lesson is learned and that such history never repeats these crimes, tolerance and respect must be the basis of our society.

The European Parliament adopted this August 2, which marks the day of remembrance of the genocide of Roma and Sinti, in April 2015, adopting the Resolution on anti-Gypsyism in Europe and acknowledging the day of remembrance of the genocide against Roma in the Second World War at the European Union level.

The said resolution also emphasizes the need to combat anti-Gypsyism at all levels and by all means. "Damjanovic concluded.

At the session of the World Roma Organization, Secretary General Bajram Haliti, proposed that this day, August 2, to be called Romocide not a Porajmos, a day of remembrance of the Holocaust against Roma, which was unanimously accepted.

He also showed the conceptual solution for Romocid (Roma flower defiance).
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Belgrade, 02.08.2017.

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