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President Damjanovic congrtulates birthday to Professor Dr Shyam Shashi



The President of World Roma Organization , Ambassador of Fence and Academician Jovan Damjanovic, sent a birthday card to Dr Shyam Singh Shashi, wishing, on behalf of Roma citizens and in his personal name good health, lots of happiness and success, new contacts and scientific achievements for the benefit of the Roma and Indian people.

"Your name is related to the revival and recognition of Roma in the diaspora with the mother of India, the defense of the diasporic relations of Roma in the geopolitical space of Europe and around the world the development of the spirituality and patriotism of the Roma people."

That is why you received the respect of millions of Roma people in Europe and around the world, Damjanovic said.

Damjanovic wished to Professor Shyam Singh Shashi , good health happiness and new successes in his beneficial and responsible mission.







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