In his further address to the present, the President and Ambassador of Peace, Jovan Damjanovic, spoke about the cooperation agreement signed by two organizations, the World Roma Federation headed by President Janos Jamie Sztojko and the World Roma Organization, in whose name the president personally signed the contract.
President Damjanovic presented to the present goal and purpose of this agreement, which is:
'' Joint action and cooperation between the two organizations to represent the interests of members of the Roma community on a global level. ''
Janos Jamie Sztojka handed the recognition to the president of the Roma World Organization Rromanipen as a meritorious man who made a great contribution in establishing good relations between the Roma of America and Europe.
Jovan Damjanovic, gave Janos Sztojki the greatest award of the World Roma Organization, the Golden Plaque, for his contribution in connecting and maintaining friendly relations between Roma in America and Europe.

Ms. Ana Dalipovski, President of the Center for the Implementation of the Integration of Roma in the Republic of Croatia and the European Union, awarded the President Damjanovic with a thank-you note for his unselfish engagement dedicated to the Roma community.

The Congress of the World Federation of Roma, "Together for the Roma in Europe by 2020", was attended by representatives of 17 European countries.


Video from the Congress can be found on folowing links :

1. https://www.facebook.com/jovan.damjanovic.50/videos/1516961045001719/

2. https://www.facebook.com/jovan.damjanovic.50/videos/1516182011746289/

3. https://www.facebook.com/jovan.damjanovic.50/videos/1516163785081445/



Belgrade , 21. June , 2017.
Sekretariat for informing