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President of the World Roma organizatiom Rromanipen Mr. Damjanovic said: "We, members of the Roma nation (Roma, Sinti and Kale) are represented in almost every country in the world." said Mr Damjanovic.


"Our population consists of more than 20 million in Europe and 50 million in the whole world. Due to the fact that we have been discriminated and suffered as victims of genocide for many years, we would like to save the future generations from unnecessary suffering and mistakes. We are multicultural and peaceful nation that has never conducted any war. Depending on the countries where we live, we adapt, integrate and accept the culture and religions of the countries where we live. This is why we belong to all religions: Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox.


Based on the principles of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights we established the World Organization of Roma in 2012 in Belgrade, known as the World Roma Organization-Romanipen. Our association goal is to represent the fundamental human rights, dignity, equality between men and women, human values, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity and religion.


I personally invite you to join us to the forthcoming intercultural event "Days of Roma culture" that will be organized for the first time in Vienna this year."



Belgrade , 01.02.2017.

Secretariat for informations