Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi was conferred 'Padmashri’India National Award in 1990 for his multi-faceted achievements in the field of literature of the two languages ​​- Hindi and English. Socio-Anthropologist of international repute, he has 400 books to his credit including 20 poetic collections, one epic - Agnisagar, 24 books of monologues on indian tribes, nomadic communities,roma and 10 travelogues, 2 dictionaries, 5 encyclopedias and 25 books for children. 200 of his books in English include “Nomads of the Himalayas”, “Tribal women of India”, “Roma-Gypsy world”, “Nehru and tribals”, “Gaddis of the Himalayas”, ‘a socio-history of ex-criminal’“White Darkness" (poetry ), etc. His first book 'Lal Savera' (poetry) was publish in his teenage years, and until his graduation. His books are published by more than 30 publishers both in puble and private sector in India and abroad. He edited 50 volume of the Encyclopedia of Humanities and Social Sciences, 12 editions of the Encyclopedia of Indian tribes, 10 volumes of the Encyclopedia of women in the world and 200 editions of the Encyclopedia INDICA.

Stating him as one of several Hindi poets who showed human concern, the doyen of Indian literature Dr. Mulk Raj Anand says: "Your poems are promising survival ... I hope you will someday come forward with challenges to people like Allen Ginsberg and other poets who are aware of the danger that lies ahead of humanity." His anthropological epic “Agnisagar” based on the infinite travel of a man called Manu or Menes by interpreting “Manusmriti” in social changes, was noted the best model of modern poetry in Hindi and world literature Scholars have conducted research on this monumental work and gave the obtained on his books Ph.D., D.Phil. etc.

His book “Vishwa Kavita ki or” (Towards the world poetry) is a landmark in contemporary world literature.

His creative literature in Hindi is highly valued by Sumitaranandan Pant, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Viyogi Hari,, Sohan Lal Dwivedi and numerous contemporary eminent Indian writers like Uma Shankar Joshi(Gujrati), G. Shankar Kurup, Dr. Dasarathi(Malayam), Amrita Pritam(Punjabi) and C. Narayana Reddy(Telugu), who spoke highly of Dr. Shashi's poetry which underlines the basic problems which are hunting mankind today.

Dr. Shashi was honored by the Government of UP, HP, AP, Bihar and various leading Institutions in India and abroad for his contributions to literature. In 1991, Hindi Academy (Delhi state) has honored him with a cash prize for his outstanding achievements in Hindi literature and Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan (Government of UP) has rewarded him for his epic –‘Agnisagar’ on. September 14, 1993, after leaving government service. President of India Dr. SD Sharma Awarded” Mahapandit Rahul Sankrityayan Puruskar” and a cash prize for his contribution to the nomadic literature.On October 2, 1993. He won yet another national litrary award - Mahakavi Jai Shankar Prasad Puruskar for his epic 'Agnisagar'. .

Widely traveled, Dr. Shashi was born July 1, 1936, in an agricultural family in a village Bahadurpur jatt near Haridwar. His studies and researches on tribal life and culture took him to numerous trips to India and abroad - in 77 countries of Asia, Europe, the Americas, and so on.

During his two-month literary trip to the United States and Great Britain from May to July 2003, Dr. Shashi was honored by numerous international literary and cultural organizations. Vishwa Hindi Samiti America invited him as the Chief Guest on their specific functions and honored with plaque on 22 June 2003, in recognition of his invaluable contributions and services to literature and culture. Previously, he participated in various seminars and conferences, and also chaired numerous poetic symposia organized by Antra-Rashtriya Hindi Samiti USA in North Carolina and other organizations in Cary, Austin, California and the UK. He was interviewed by many major newspapers, television channels and Voice of America. New York weekly magazine ‘Caribbean New Yorker' of 20 June 2003 published his interview on the front page.

The first in many areas: Dr. Shashi was the first social scientist to obtain Doctorate of Sociology of Himalayan nomads from Agra University under the skillful guidance of Dr. R. N. Saxen, renowned social scientists of international repute. Once again, he was the first social scientist-anthropologist to be conferred upon with the D. Litt in anthropology due to his pioneering work on Roma in Europe and Americas by the International University - Colombo, Sri Lanka. He topped in his classes from 8th grade onwards. He is a Post-Graduate in Human Management and planning of human power at Manchester University in the UK. He taught sociology, mass communication, Indian culture, nomadic tribes, poetry etc. at many universities in India and abroad.

Dr. Shashi, although a poet-anthropologist, was a very successful media manager and Director, General Manager, Publishing Division, I & B of Government of India, for about 10 years. Earlier, he was Editor: ‘Sainik Samachar' (armed forces). In Publications Division, he controlled 20 journals in 12 languages ​​including Yojana, Employment News, Ajkal, Balbharti etc. and linked to a number of literary, research, academic, socio-cultural organizations and organizations of social sciences, such as ISA, IAA, AGI, Association of Translators & Literature. He fought in the promotion of Indian language ​​and resigned thrice from government service, but was finally successful. He, however, decided to leave government service on a voluntary basis. He remained employed as a visiting professor, a consultant on numerous university institutions in India and abroad.

Ten episodes of Dr. Shashi’s epic “Agnisagar” were broadcast on national television in 1993-1994, a film drama of the same epic was presented by Nalini-Kamalini (Kathak players) in 2003. Dr. Shashi has also written TV series and radio dramas.

Literature - Dr. Shashi has been writing poetry since his teenage years and published many books in English and Hindi on variety of subjects. He is basically a poet but he has many feathers in his cap.

Prof. Dr. Academician Shyam Singh Shashi has always charmed with his ideas of peace, tolerance, rapprochement and pointing to the highest maxim of India's greatest philosopher Vasudeva: Let us all be one family.

Prof. Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi believes in the globalization of love, peace, equality, non-violence and brotherhood through literature, media and socio-cultural action in the context of Indian philosophy. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The whole world is one family).

He writes in Sanskrit, Hindi and English and knows many languages.

His dreams are to make the world a peaceful global village and ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ as narrated in ‘Geetanjali’, Bengali poetry written by a renowned poet, Rabindranath Tagore.

For Roma as a nation that is struggling for centuries for its own recognition and Indian origin, entire literary and scientific work of Dr. Shyam Shashi Singh is of paramount significance, and we believe that he deserves the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016.

We hope that our proposal, which was approved on behalf of the 20 million Roma worldwide, will be accepted by the Nobel committee.


Respectfully,                                                                                                                         President

Jovan Damjanovic

Belgrade April 6th, 2016.