A large number of students of the Roma community in Bulgaria with various faculties of the University of Sofia, sought an interview with the president of World Roma Organization and his delegation. On this occasion, they presented a series of problems encountered, but one of the biggest problems is that most students do not receive student scholarships. President Damjanovic listened problems of future Roma intellectuals and appealed to present representatives of the Parliament of the Republic of Bulgaria, and that he would advocate for their rights and student scholarships at the highest officials of the European Union and the Republic of Bulgaria. President Damjanovic to lecture students on behalf of the International Roma Day on April 08, saying the creation of the historical characteristics of the Roma in the first IRU Congress in London in 1971. Then the elected official Roma anthem, and it's Romani anthem and flag consisting of blue and green colors that embody the heavens and the earth, and in the middle is the wheel, red chakra, which is the migration of Roma. Father anthem and the flag is our famous utemejlivač Roma culture Zarko Jovanovic Jagdino. Also, in 1971 it was decided that the derogatory term Gypsies which are addressed many of our community, officially change the name Roma. In this lecture to studnets,  president Jovan Damjanovic said that the Roma are the founders of the Roma Culture in Europe and the world, and the most important  among them are: Django Reinhard most famous guitarists in the world, Elvis Presley famous actor and musician, Antonio Banderas Hollywood actor Yul Brynner global actor, Charlie Chaplin, Ava Gardner, a Bulgarian those which are known in the world of the music and Kuluri are Ivan Papazov, Azis, Sophie Marinova, and from the region Saban Bajramovic, Vida Pavlovic, Usnija Redžepova from Serbia, Esma, Ferus Mustafov, Zhang Sever Macedonia, and many great men of culture who entertain Europe and the world.

President Damjanovic thanked the Director of the Bulgarian State Railways to Mr. Miltcho lambrev on employment about 2,000 Roma in all positions in the rail. Also, I asked him if it is possible to continue to continue this positive current employment roma.
In a cordial visit of the President Damjanovic and a delegation of the World Organization of Roma with the Mayor of Vidin Mr. Ognyan Tsenkov, members of his cabinet and advisers mayor Romani lawyer Mr. Krasimir Asenov, and visits Roma settlement in Vidin acquainted with rare urban arranged mid ethnically pure Roma, which has all the supporting structure, but in a conversation we were told that the Roma a wonderful part of the city of Vidin no infrastructure - sewage and unpaved streets. In this regard, it was discussed that the World Organization of Roma to contribute and be a partner in the realization of the implementation of the project of construction of the said infrastructure.