President Xhaferi said that Macedonia is a country giving special importance to the status of the Roma. He pointed out that there are aspects which should be recognized as a successful example, but there is still a lot of work to be done to fulfill all aspects of the life of the Roma community within society, especially emphasizing the fields of education, infrastructure and health.

Damjanovic expressed great satisfaction being in the Republic of Macedonia, the country whose citizens accepted the Roma as equal citizens, a country that is unique in the region with the municipality where the Roma community lives, whose mayor is of Roma origin, and where Romani is one of the three official languages, a countries which is a rare example of high democracy and respect respect for human rights of national minority among developed countries in Europe.

During the conversation, President Damjanovic asked President Xhaferi to do everything in his power to bring about mutual understanding and tolerance between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo, so that all disagreements would be solved by dialogue and peaceful means, which President Xhaferi agreed upon.

In addition, Damjanovic pointed the intention of forming the European Roma Political Party, proposing MP Amdi Bajram for the nomination for the presidency of the future Party, as a longtime member of the Macedonian Parliament, who tirelessly works on the interests of Roma and non-Roma, and as a person whose rich experience will contribute to the healthy and successful functioning of the mentioned Party.

Damjanovic stressed that the establishment of the Party and the appointment of its president will be deliberated at the next World Election Congress of the World Roma Organization, upon which the final decision will be made by the Roma representatives from over 25 countries.

President Xhaferi wished success to his interlocutors in further work, pointing out that MP Bajram has got his support and support from the Assembly, and expressed satisfaction for an MP from the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia is proposed for the presidency of the future Party.



September 20th, 2018

Secretariat for Information